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Why Is Homework Important?

Although homework can take a lot of time to complete, I firmly believe giving assignments to students make a positive impact on the student’s learning. It also helps in the home school connection of the student with their respective parents.

The Home School Connection

One of the purposes homework serves is that it creates chances for the students to interact with their parents. It allows them to learn about their families and helps the teachers to know more about the family of their students.

Importance of Traditional Daily Assignments

The involvement of parents in a child’s learning has been proven by research to be a crucial factor in the child’s success in school. The following explanations have been given as importance of traditional homework:

  • Homework serves as an avenue to reinforce concepts and skills presented in class by the teacher.
  • Homework is an opportunity to prepare the students for the next lesson. Upcoming class topics can be given as an assignment, which will help the student to have a foreknowledge of what they are going to learn.
  • Homework helps to create the habit of working independently. Students can develop self-discipline and independence through homework.
  • Parents have the opportunity to participate in their children’s learning and play an active role in ensuring they are meeting up.Homework also helps parents to evaluate their child’s learning progress.
  • Homework is an opportunity to connect student learning in the classroom to happenings outside the school.Students can relate their classroom learning to the outside world through homework.

However, homework should be meaningful and must have the ability to aid the learning of the students. Homework should be understood and not be a word cramming practice.

The teacher can ask the student to work on something fascinating and related to the school lesson to encourage the right attitude towards homework. Through this strategy, students can be curious to get their homework done.

A math game that can be played with parents and siblings can be given as homework to improve the student’s math and problem-solving skills. It can be a memory game, a clue for kids, scrabbles, number puzzles, and a lot more.

Students should be allowed to borrow books for the school library to improve students’ word recognition, fluency, and comprehension. Reading these books at home can help improve their language art skills. This improvement requires that they get literacy support both at home and in school.

Sometimes, they can be given assignments to search the internet on a particular topic and read. Students will be eager to do this homework, as surfing the web is one fun activity for them.


The importance of homework is so numerous that it cannot be overlooked. It creates an opportunity to connect and reflect with self, family, friends, and the world beyond the classroom. The quality, not the quantity of the homework, will determine the academic success of the students. It should be fun and full of discovery, not only for students but for the teachers as well. Moreover, students should have a permanent access to college homework help online, in order not to get too stressed with studying.