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How to Cheat on Homework

A recent study carried out at Harvard shows that 42% of its freshmen resolved to cheat when completing their homework. They added that cheating helps them to accomplish other things with their time.

There are smarter ways to cheat on your assignment without necessarily having to copy from a friend. Professionals from Myhomeworkdone.com have listed smart ways of finishing math homework and completing essays.

Method 1 of 2

This method applies to cheating on math or short-answer homework. Under this category of assignments, we are going to see some smart approaches.

  1. Copy Answers from a Friend

Copying homework answers from a friend who has the right answers is one of the smartest ways to cheat on homework. You can do it by following these steps.

•The first step here is becoming friends with smart minds in class who do their homework correctly. Being friends with such a classmate should also spur you into sharing some of the homework workloads so that you don’t become a burden to that friend.

• Don’t attempt copying from a friend while in class. It’s better to copy while on the bus on your way back home.

• Learn to paraphrase so that your answers don’t look the same.

  1. Get into a Group for Your Homework Assignment

A group consisting of colleagues that offer helpful contributions is another excellent resource for your homework. Being a part of such a group ensures that your answers are right, and you are more efficient in doing your homework. Here are other helpful tips.

• Don’t attempt group work while in class. It’s always better to get your group work done on the bus or better still at someone’s home.

• Split up answers into smaller fragments for each member of the group so that you can manage your time effectively.

Method 2 of 2

This method applies to reading homework and teaches you how to be fast at reading them. This category of homework requires you to have smart time management skills. We will discuss them here.

  1. Skip Everything but the Opening and Closing Sentences of Each Paragraph

These tips will guide you on reading and reviewing a novel or textbook for a class assignment.

• Skip all other details but do not skip vocabularies.

• Ensure that you fully understand the focus of the homework reading and its requirements for you. Some might allow you to read only a small part of the bulk textbook.

  1. Skip to the Chapter Summary of the Textbook

Since most of your class textbooks have within them summary pages for each chapter, these hints will guide you.

• It is smarter to skip to these summaries instead of checking every part of the chapter.

• Try not to avoid vocabularies and sample test questions while reading.


Homework can get tedious, especially when you are worn out after spending seven hours at school. There is a need for you to add smart skills that will help you answer homework questions more effectively and efficiently to offset this stress.